Your Custom Website Launched In One Day

Building a beautiful custom website should not take weeks or months. The One Day Launch™ process promises to have your website launched and available in one day. Apply now to be accepted into the One Day Launch™ program.

One Day Launch combines expert digital business consulting and a premium toolset to help launch your custom website fast, without compromising quality.

Our website design team in Aberdeen will take care of the research and the tech.  They will be available to guide you through the decision-making process and provide you with a streamlined pathway to a website you love. 

All of this, in a fraction of the time it would take a traditional agency.

Who are the One Day Launch Team?
Our team is headed up by John Reid and James Buckley, who both share a love for Digital Marketing, Design, Apps and 80's nostalgia.  John is the owner of Aberdeen based digital agency MediaGorilla® and James has a proven track record in Software and App Development.  Together, they have delivered more than 200 software and web projects to a broad variety of clients.
I have a partly-built website, can you finish it?
Of course, get in touch and we can see where you are at with it and take it from there. Your designs, content and concepts will potentially give us a starter for 10. Just use the Apply Now process to get in touch with us.
I have an existing website that needs a refresh or a new site?
We can certainly help with that too. The One Day Launch process is perfect for those with an existing website that needs refreshing or taken to the next level. Depending on how much content your existing site has, there may be a small additional charge to migrate your existing content as this can be time-consuming and we'd want to make sure it was done before your new site build day.
Just let us know that you need by using the Apply Now process.
What happens if I am not happy with the site?
We'll work with you to identify what's not to your liking or expectations and together we can work on making it perfect for you. We have a fairly defined process to make sure there are no surprises at any time along the way. Post-launch, if applicable we teach you how to continue adding content to your site, and some 'next steps' to keep it moving. A website is only one component of your overall business marketing and we have resources, knowledge and experience on hand to help you understand how to make your site earn its keep, as part of your overall strategy
What if I want more pages?
The One Day Launch process can only offer a certain amount of pages (Only so much time in 1 day), however, we have options available. Just let us know your thoughts using the application form and we can take it from there. It may be that we cover your initial pages on launch day and for an additional fee, we build the remaining pages later.
Why do I need aftercare and hosting?
Our aftercare and hosting package includes security updates, backing your site up, tweaks and small changes.  All websites need to be properly maintained and updated if they are to be successful, and yours will be no different.

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